General Accounting & Book Keeping
A business entity and its promoters/managers are under tremendous pressure to increase the EBDITA or net profits, either by generating additional revenue streams or by cutting the costs, operational, employee costs or any other type of recurring expense. A small business having 10 -50 employees need to have a book keeper, an accountant and CA services along with the associated resource costs like seat cost, employee benefits, employee compliances etc. This is where the outsourcing of non-core business activities come into picture as the outsourcing of a non-core activity provide a chance for this particular activity to be handled by the industry experts and domain experts having extensive knowledge of that outsourced business function. The first business function that can be outsourced is general accounting book keeping. By doing this, an entrepreneur or a businessman can free his vital work force to devote its entire energy towards more important activities like sales, operations, service delivery, customer care and new product or service research and innovations.
Kaushikii offers a wide array of services that are often customized as per the needs of the customers. Various business entities turn to Kaushikii for the following services which we provide to our esteemed customers.

These are:
• Routine accounting
• Ad hoc accounting
• Payroll processing

Routine accounting
We offer routine book-keeping services for SMEs and start-ups. For SMEs, we offer assistance on compliance issues like monthly and annual GST filing, for Startups, we offer our expertise in setting up accounting systems, procedures and policies according to unique business environment in which that entity is operating.

Kaushikii Procedure:
• Detailed understanding of our customers’ document process flow, information & database systems and reporting requirements.
• Customize reporting formats according to customers’ requirements.
• Draw out a detailed task schedule to meet submission deadline/s
• Adopt an elaborate, systematic and cost-effective process that begins with entry of data and ends with the completion of accounting requirements.

Our services include:
• Setting up of proper accounting systems, accounting procedures and policies
• Accounting-related administrative services like preparation of payment vouchers, provision of cheque signatory, bank in and filing of cheques

Preparation of financial reports and schedules as follows:
• Monthly financial statement inclusive of:
• Profit and loss statement
• Balance sheet
• Trial balance
• Fixed assets schedule
• Bank reconciliation
• Sales and cost of sales matching analysis
• Cash flow forecast
• Profit and loss statements by project
• Departmental reports
• Variance reports
• GST returns submission
• Highlights on key performance indicators

Ad hoc accounting
Kaushikii has the resources to respond at short notice to attend to ad-hoc assignment as well as urgent accounting work. Some services we
offer include:
• Clear ‘messy’ accounts and backlog
• Take over the accounting function on a short-term and temporary basis, normally when the company is in the process of restructuring or when the accounts department is under-staffed due to unforeseen circumstances
• Prepare financial statements to meet deadlines imposed by ROC, MCA or financial institutions
• Reconstruct accounts from incomplete records

Payroll processing
• Our dedicated and experienced team will ensure accurate and efficient processing of the following services:
• Monthly salary calculation, salary credit and generation of pay slips
• Payroll Statutory Contribution (PF/ESI etc)
• Payroll Reporting