Company Incorporation in Netherlands – An Overview
In the atmosphere of Brexit, the Netherlands has become the new hot favourite for starting a business. The country offers many benefits to entrepreneurs and investors. The Dutch have taken on a leadership position within several industries, by continually coming up with innovative and efficient ideas. The fact that the Netherlands is part of the EU obviously plays a large role, since this enabled the Dutch to build outstanding connections with most countries abroad. Due to the European Single Market, you can freely import and export goods and services throughout the entire EU. Next to that, the location of the Netherlands proves to offer great logistical benefits.

Benefits of starting a business in Netherlands
Incorporating a company in Holland offers the following benefits:
• The lowest corporate income tax rate in the European Union, which the current rate at 19% for income up to € 200,000 [going up to 25% for higher-income brackets].
• The tax rates are going to be reduced further – for this lowest income bracket, to 16.5% in 2020 and 15% in 2021.
• No value added tax (VAT) for transactions between the member states of the European Union;
• Netherlands has the greatest number of treaties for double tax avoidance worldwide;
• The Netherlands is also among the founding members of the EU;
• 93% of the native population speaks English; many are also proficient in German and French;
• Highly educated labor force (3rd in the global top for education level);
• Outstanding international business atmosphere;
• The country welcomes foreign entrepreneurs and investors: from small enterprises to multinational companies included in the Fortune 500 list;
• The Netherlands attracts international companies from all sectors with its stable legislation and politics, coupled with excellent international relations.

How to register a company in the Netherlands?
The following is the process of company registration in the Netherlands for foreigners:
Who can register a company in the Netherlands?

You can register the business in the Commercial Register if you are:
• a director of the company;
• a manager of the Dutch branch and have a power of attorney demonstrating that you are the manager. That power of attorney must be in Dutch with original signatures of the director. You are also required to register as a manager.

How can you register a company?
The following forms have to be filed for incorporating a company in the Netherlands.
The forms you have to use for the purpose of registration are:
• Form 6: Registration of a non-resident legal entity
• Form 11: Registration of an official of a legal entity
• Form 13: Registration of an authorised representative business agent

The English-language forms can be used for standard details. Free-form texts such the description of activities etc, must always be stated in Dutch or in English with a translation.

Documents required for Netherlands company incorporation
Following are the documents that must be submitted in any of the languages Dutch, English, German or French:
• proof of registration of company from the country where it was founded (no older than one month);
• certified copy of the Memorandum of Association;
• certified copy of the Articles of Association;
• certificate of incumbency, which clearly shows the appointed Board of Directors.

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